Safe Elevator Maintenance and Reliable Hydraulic Jack Replacement

Give your customers, employees, and guests safe and reliable indoor transportation when you choose elevator maintenance and hydraulic jack replacement options from Atlantic Elevator South Co Inc. in Seekonk, Massachusetts. Our service options can be tailored to meet your property's needs.

Elevator Maintenance

Our maintenance programs take your budget, your equipment's age and condition, and equipment usage into account, customizing your maintenance plan to meet any requirement. These plans can include anything from comprehensive monthly care to quarterly lubrication services, so schedule an evaluation with us as soon as possible.

Once our service team meets with you and surveys the elevator equipment, we can develop a preventative maintenance schedule to ensure your equipment runs safely and dependably. These plans will also increase the lifespan of your lifts.

Office Elevator - Elevator Maintenance

Elevator Modernizations

Over the years, elevators and components degrade and become obsolete. Our company can remedy this with the latest, highest-quality, lift  modernization equipment. From the smallest two-story hydraulic elevator to the largest high-rise application, our service is up to the modernization task. We have worked on hundreds of units—all makes and models—replacing components to improve future performance. In addition to quality work, we offer long-term strategies to help you budget for future upgrades.

Non-Proprietary Equipment

Unlike other companies that use proprietary systems to prevent other companies from working on their equipment, we install non-proprietary components. This allows our clients to be free to choose the elevator company for your property.

As Seen in Magazines

Our work has been featured in international trade magazines for our Brown University modernization project. For this, we installed elevators that feed electric power back into university's power grid, helping them save untold dollars in the future.

Hydraulic Jack Replacements

Prior to 1972, hydraulic elevators were installed with underground jack cylinders that used a single bottom and had little to no protection against electrolysis. Current code requirements dictate that these hydraulic jack cylinders need to be replaced with ones with a double bulkhead and
PVC protection.

Contact us in Seekonk, Massachusetts, for systematic elevator maintenance options and hydraulic jack replacement you can depend on.