Dependable Elevator Safety Testing in Seekonk, Massachusetts

At Atlantic Elevator South Co Inc. in Seekonk, Massachusetts, our elevator safety testing services are here to help you ensure your units are safe and obey all necessary building codes. When you choose us, you will receive rapid response times of our fully stocked vans, convenient surveying with in-depth equipment analyses, and superior workmanship with dependable materials and quality parts. You will also have access to complete consultation services with advice from professional engineers who are familiar with building and safety codes.

Americans with Disabilities Act Upgrades

Many items on elevators should be addressed in order to comply with ADA requirements. In fact, everything from pushbutton and handrail height to visual and audible signals are needed to aid disabled passengers. If you are unsure as to what your systems need, our service is pleased to perform an ADA audit on them and provide you with recommendations for federal regulation compliance.

Firefighter Service Upgrades

Elevators in our area are now required to conform to firefighter service operation codes. A survey by us can map out the most cost-effective means to meet these requirements and improve occupant safety.

Elevator Safety Tests

In Massachusetts and Rhode Island, annual elevator testing is required. Our service prides itself in providing quality, on-time testing, complete with all of the proper state paperwork, helping you keep your safety certificates current.

New Elevator - Elevator Safety Testing

Our testing services have saved building owners thousands of dollars over the years by providing them with alternative quotations, versus the competition. If you have violations that need to be abated and are not covered under a maintenance contract, please contact us for a competitive quote on correcting the deficiencies. 

We Also Provide

• Three- and Five-Year Weight Tests
•  Fireman's Recall System Installations

• Freight, Passenger, and Private Residence Elevator Installations and Repairs
• Hoist Machine, Motor, and Control Installations and Repairs

Contact us in Seekonk, Massachusetts, for elevator safety testing you can trust.